Using Webinars to Sell Your Product – Part 3

By now, you’ve learned all about what a webinar is, how to make your offer during the webinar, how to hold your audiences’ attention during your offer, why you would even make an offer during a webinar, among other things. If you haven’t, read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Now, I’m going to offer you a little advice. Listen closely, because this is a secret among the elite; a confidential and uber-hidden tactic left only to the serious professionals, passed down for thousands of years… or something like that.

The Juicy Advice

A lot of marketers and online professionals pre-record their webinar presentations and use a program to still air it at specific times so that it appears as though it’s live. This way, the webinar can be held several different times automatically without any additional work on your part.

You might be thinking, “Why not just make the webinar available all the time?” That’s a good question, my darling. Very good thinking.

There are several reasons why you would make it available only during specific times. One reason is so that it appears live. This may be sneaky, but it makes people feel more connected to you because they feel as though you’re actually speaking to them and they’re actually attending an event. If it were available all the time, it becomes less of a webinar and more of just a video.

Another reason is because you’ll know when people are watching it, so you can run the support email and be available to answer questions during the webinar. This is especially helpful for those solopreneurs without their own dedicated support team or virtual assistant to help with answering emails or calls. Effectively, this creates two of you. The “you” running the webinar and the “you” running the support email. Sneaky, sneaky, right? The magic of modern marketing.

A third good reason is because then you’re able to make a time-sensitive offer such as, “Buy the product/course/service during this webinar (or within a specific time after the webinar) and receive a free something-or-other/discount.” It’s easy to track those who purchase during the allotted time if the webinar is only running during specific times.

Offer the Webinar as a Free Gift

Make sure you record the webinar while it’s happening so after it ends, you’ll have a recording of it. That way, you can email your list and let them know they can still listen to your webinar — this accomplishes several things. It’s a nice gift for your list, it’s another reason to email your list, and you may make a few additional sales.

You can and should put a time-limit on it, such as saying, “The recording is available for two days.” This creates an incentive for people to stop procrastinating and start listening—otherwise, people tend to take forever to get around to listening to trainings and recordings, if they ever listen at all.

PLUS, as a bonus, you can hold the same training again another time. Score!

Today’s Quest

If you’re just starting out, spend at least an hour today developing your first product or service. If you already have a product or service, sit down and plan out a webinar that you can use to sell them during. What topic will it be on? What software will you use? What are you going to say? Are you going to hold a full video presentation, or just a PowerPoint presentation?