One-Click Upsells Will Skyrocket Your Profits

You may be wondering… what is an upsell? An upsell is when you are trying to buy a product, such as an old iPhone 5, and the sales person tries to sell you an upgraded and more expensive version of the product you’re trying to purchase, such as an iPhone 7s.

A one-click upsell takes it to another level. This is when you’re selling a digital product or service, and your customer has just made a purchase… on the “thank you for your purchase” page, they see another offer, such as an upgrade to the product they just purchased, and they can add it on to their order with just the click of a button.

How a One-Click Upsell Works

1. A customer sees your badass product—let’s say it’s a trampoline—and they decide to buy it from your website.

2. They add it to their shopping cart, they go to check out.

3. They enter their information and their credit card. They pay for it.

4. Usually, at this point, you would be taken to a thank you page or confirmation page where it lists all of what you just bought and says thanks or to check your email.

Well, during a one-click upsell, it will actually take you to another offer. It will say something like, “Hey, that trampoline is pretty freaking cool. You’re a pretty cool person for buying that. But I’m sure your yard looks pretty ghetto, you probably can’t have anyone over to use that fancy trampoline without this awesome artificial grass. Would you like to purchase some fake grass, too?”

And it will give them two button choices: “YES, my yard looks like sh#t, give me the grass!” or “NO, my yard is perfect. I win awards.”

5. Here’s the really cool part: if they hit the yes button, it will automatically purchase it with just that one click of a button; they won’t need to re-enter any credit card information so there’s no extra work your buyer has to do. Then, when they hit that yes button, they could either be transferred to another offer or to a final confirmation/thank you page. The no button is similar; many people would use that opportunity to add in a downsell or a cross-sell.

Adding an upsell funnel to your checkout process can dramatically increase your profits and sales. It’s also extremely helpful for your clients and customers, because they may not be aware of other products and services that you offer that could benefit them.

What types of products and services can you add to your upsell funnel at checkout?

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