Food on Table

The Tale of Two Restaurants

I believe, in life, we find lessons in the most unusual places… and generally, those places are fairly uncomfortable. I saw a brilliant opportunity to teach about how to retain customers and clients, even after you’ve messed up somehow—even if they’ve vowed to themselves never to return or do business with you again. And this lesson came, of course, in an unusual way. It came to me when my husband and I went out for one birthday dinner and one birthday lunch for him (as an aside: apparently, I should just cook dinner at home for his birthdays from now [……..]

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The One Sentence that Changed Everything

I once worked with an incredible woman who took a chance on me and allowed me to run the newsletter service in her company, developing email newsletters for clients and selling courses about creating their own email newsletters. When I had hit my three-month mark working with her, I had asked her to give me a review of my performance up to that point – I always found it helpful to receive honest feedback so that I could get an outside perspective on what I could improve upon and what I was doing correctly. During this review, she had said, [……..]

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