Earn a Living with Any Hobby or Passion

Have you FINALLY discovered what you’re truly passionate about just to be slapped in the face with an ice-cold dose of reality?  Perhaps you’re thinking you couldn’t possibly earn an actual income pursuing this newfound passion full-time.

Maybe you’re simply wondering what career you could possibly pursue with your unique skills and strengths and haven’t quite found what you truly enjoy doing.

I Have Absolutely No Marketable Skills

You’re a homemaker who is really, really, ridiculously good at mending socks… and can crockpot the sh#t out of Tuesday night dinners.

Or you’re a trophy wife and you’re incredibly talented at doing your hair and color-coordinating your husband’s wardrobe to your nail polish.

Perhaps you just graduated high school and the only thing you know you’re good at in life is hanging out with friends and skateboarding.

You may be thinking: how on Earth could I earn a living? I have no marketable skills.

I’m Stuck in a Career I HATE

There’s the other side of the coin. Maybe you HAVE found a career and are already earning an income… and it kills you slowly inside a little more each day.

Perhaps you feel stuck and burned out because you haven’t earned a raise in five years. Maybe the job was something you agreed to take on because you needed the money, and now you’re terrified you’ll be doing it forever.

If you fantasize about the moment you can flip your boss the bird and be on your merry way at least 12.5 times during the average day, there’s probably an issue.

Don’t Cry; There’s Hope! Sometimes, You Need to MacGyver Your Career

Say you have a passion for makeup. The obvious choice for an income from this passion is to become a makeup artist. But now it’s time to get creative.

You may not have thought about becoming a beauty blogger, reviewing products, doing makeup tutorials on YouTube, becoming an Instagram celebrity (so you can do some sweet affiliate marketing and get paid to post on behalf of a company). You could create makeup and sell it on your own Etsy shop.

There are SO many possibilities if you think outside the box, and a lot of them can be VERY lucrative.

Okay, That’s One Possibility. What About Cooking?

Let’s say you have a passion for cooking. What is it you enjoy about cooking? Are you limited to simply working as a chef or a fry cook if you pursued a career in cooking?

No, not necessarily. You can write a cookbook. You could do tutorials on YouTube to teach people how to cook or to show them how to cook recipes you create. You could sell exotic meats, open a restaurant, have your own food truck, or even do a traveling blog on amazing places to get ingredients for your dishes.

I Need One More Example. What About Drawing?

You LOVE to draw. You would prefer to spend Saturday night alone in your room, doodling into one of your most prized possessions: your art book. You doodle like crazy and have gotten pretty dang good at it.

You could create comic books, illustrate regular books (fiction, children, or even college textbooks!). Draw some pictures for posters or stock photo websites. You could animate for movies and draw storyboards. You could get into graphic design. You could get commissioned to draw art for people. You can put your art on products such as pillows, shirts and purses and sell it.

There is a world of options out there and an endless sea of possibilities when you look outside the box.

With a little bit of research and imagination, it’s an absolute possibility to make some amazing money and follow your heart at the same time — living a beautiful, lucrative life — if you just think outside the box and get creative.

Remember: it’s not work if you enjoy it.

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