Journaling in Notebooks

Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Passions – Writing

Are you a phenomenal writer? Do you constantly hear about how you should pursue a career in writing because you’re so good at it? Do you absolutely love writing and would you love nothing more than to spend each and every single day writing down everything that pops into your mind? If you find yourself suffering through a 9-5 job because you believe you’ll never make a living as a writer, doing what you love, doing what you’re passionate about… think again. Getting published and becoming the next J.K. Rowling, able to fill a swimming pool full of hundred dollar [……..]

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The Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Challenge

Hey loves! I’m going to be participating in a free 30-day challenge starting on January 1, 2017. It’s the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Challenge hosted by Vanessa Rende from Empire Rebels. Basically, it’s 30 days of doing Facebook Live on your Facebook Fan Page or the Empire Rebels Facebook Group. The only purpose of this challenge is to get you comfortable with doing Facebook Live. Description of the Event from Vanessa Rende “No sales pitch, no hidden agendas, no hidden requirements. You on your business page (or in our community) + feeling the fear and doing it [……..]

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