Digital Products: Selling Online

Gone are the days where you need to sell physical products in order to start a business. Don’t have any shoes, shirts, jewelry or furniture to sell online? That’s totally fine. There are SO many things you can sell online–digitally. Once you realize that, a whole new world opens up.

What IS a Digital Product?

A digital product is anything someone would buy that would be delivered digitally (through a computer, virtually, rather than a product they can actually hold in their hand… think ebook rather than a physical book).

A digital product can be delivered in a PDF format, as a Microsoft Word document, on a Kindle, or other types of digital formats, such as images, videos, and audio files.

Examples of popular digital products include ebooks, online courses, videos, sound files such as song downloads, guided meditations, and audio books, photography and stock images, software,  and apps. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to selling digital products online. 

How Would I Create a Digital Product?

The way you would create a digital product depends on the type of digital product you’re going to sell. There are a million different digital products that require different methods of creation, but I’ll quickly run through some of the more popular options.

If you’re creating videos, you would likely need at least a cell phone to record the video, then some type of video editing software to edit the video.

If you wanted to create an online course, you would likely have a combination of either audio, videos, and PDF files for guides, handouts and activities. You create PDF files first with some type of editor, such as Microsoft Word. Create the document, design it however you would like, add in all of the information and content, and once satisfied, go ahead and “Save as…” and choose to save the file as a PDF file type.

If you wanted to sell an ebook, a popular method is to self-publish exclusively on Kindle. You would need to put the ebook in a MOBI format and follow Amazon’s directions.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea as to how simple it is to make a digital product and to hopefully serve as some inspiration for you. 🙂

In an upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about how you can get started actually selling your digital products and some considerations you need to make first.

Daily Quest

Alright, loves, today’s quest is to journey out there and think about what type of digital products you would love to create. Do you like writing? Drawing? Teaching? Singing?

Research some digital products you could offer based on your passions and see where it takes you. Decide on ONE digital product you’re going to create.

And then give yourself ALL the back pats. 🙂