Launch Day Jitters

If you’ve put a lot of time, energy, effort and money into your company or a new product, it’s only natural to get nervous when you’re about to finally release it into the wild and allow people to see your masterpiece.

Trust me, I know these jitters well. But I’ve gotten those jitters down to a manageable level of nausea now! 😉

So… how can you go about overcoming the Launch Day Jitters? Well, here’s some tips and some inspiration for ya.

Reach Out to Your Support Network

These can be friends, family members, colleagues, your cat, or even the cashier at your local Walmart. As long as you find comfort in their presence and you can talk to them about your fears, insecurities and nerves, they’re a valid member of your support system and can be one of your greatest assets during these jittery periods.

If you don’t currently have a support system in place, it’s time to start acquiring one. Facebook groups, local entrepreneur meetups, and networking events are all helpful places to find supportive people to fill your corner with.

Plus, you should also think about people you already have around you… is there anyone you could see yourself having supportive and comforting conversations with? You may be surprised to find support in the unlikeliest of places when you keep an open mind.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Be gentle and talk yourself up, focusing on all of your positive qualities and the positive qualities of whatever you’re launching.

Are you launching a new course? Tell yourself what you like about it. Are the images awesome? Are you super stoked with how the copy turned out? Are you particularly fond of one lesson because it flows so gracefully?

Did you write a new novel? What parts do you love about it? Does chapter 6 make your heart race and your palms sweat? Do your friends continue to tell you it kept them up at night and they couldn’t put it down?

Keep telling yourself the good things, check the bad things at the door.

Know that The Jitters are Natural

It’s all part of being an entrepreneur. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, and everyone goes through these feelings at one point or another. If you didn’t feel the jitters at some point, THAT wouldn’t be normal. So really, you should find comfort in the fact that you’re scared… it’s a sign of having a healthy brain (probably? Maybe? Let’s just say that’s a true fact).

Take a Walk

Seriously. Get outside, get yourself some fresh air, some sunshine and a touch of exercise. It releases endorphins, clears your head, and can help ease anxiety. Plus, a dose of Vitamin D is always nice.

Keep This Advice in Mind

Launch day is just the day you “move into the new house”—everyday after that is when you keep perfecting the house and getting everything in order, just the way you want it, until one day you stand back and say, “Dang, this house is incredibly cool!” And everyone else is thinking, “Damn, I wish MY house was this cool, too!” (my savvy partner in crime, Lorie Miller Hansen, gave me this advice during our impending launch, and it struck such a cord that I felt the need to share it with you, too, my precious Marketeers).

Read an Inspiring and Motivating Book

Go to the bookstore or library and find a book that really resonates with you. Words can be incredible motivators and the right book can change your entire perspective. Never underestimate the power of a good book.

Everything is Going to Be Okay

Really, everything will be okay. Just take a deep breath, shake it off, and know that you will do just fine. Every step is a journey toward success, no matter what the outcome of one launch may be.

We’re in your corner, holding your (virtual) hand, and we’re there with you (in spirit) every step of the way. You’re a badass and you’ve got this!