Self-care is NOT Just an After-Thought

Are You Doing It Right? Self-Care is NOT Just an After-Thought

Are you putting off your own self-care to tend to those around you? How often have you ignored and shut down your own needs to work harder and longer? Do you regularly put everyone else’s needs before your own? Why? Why are you neglecting yourself in the name of caring for others? Neglecting Yourself is Damaging to Yourself AND Others Without caring for yourself, you’ll get burned out faster, drained easier, your immune system suffers so you’ll get sick more frequently and you’ll recover much slower. And when you inevitably get sick, you’ll be risking passing that illness to those around [……..]

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Creativity Block

5 Down and Dirty Ways to Fight Creativity Block

I think we can all agree: creativity block is awful. It can strike at the worst times and suck the motivation and passion right out of you. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care whether you’re writing a book, painting a commission, or even typing up a proposal or report at work. Unfortunately, creativity block happens to the best of us. Let us help with these awesome ways to fight back: 1. Get outside. Breathe some fresh air. Get some sunshine. This could seem overly simple, but sometimes all you need is just a super quick moment outside to get those [……..]

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