Our Brand New Website Has Arrived!

But you probably know that already if you’re here. We’ve worked tirelessly to create something unique, honest, authentic and transparent, because we think business can be done better. We’re tired of having to put on a show and pretend to be something and someone we’re not, so we thought we’d lay all our cards out on the table and create something to take pride in rather than lose sleep over.

We launched our new website, AlkireMarketing.com, last Monday, December 5th, and we’ve gotten some great feedback over the last week from all of you. We endlessly appreciate your support, feedback and showers of love and compliments. It keeps us pushing forward and tweaking to make everything the best it can be.

We’ve never been a fan of the underhanded techniques and shady shenanigans, so we set out to do business differently. We truly have the desire to help people—from the budding entrepreneur of tomorrow to the most savvy biz veteran out there—and we want to do it in the most authentic, fun, transparent way we can.

We saw this as an opportunity and we took it. So peruse our sparkling, badass new website and let us know what you think.

Xoxo! Loves to all of our Marketeers! 😀