Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Passions – Writing

Are you a phenomenal writer? Do you constantly hear about how you should pursue a career in writing because you’re so good at it? Do you absolutely love writing and would you love nothing more than to spend each and every single day writing down everything that pops into your mind?

If you find yourself suffering through a 9-5 job because you believe you’ll never make a living as a writer, doing what you love, doing what you’re passionate about… think again.

Getting published and becoming the next J.K. Rowling, able to fill a swimming pool full of hundred dollar bills, gliding through them while sipping champagne made of pure gold will happen right after getting hit by lightning three times in a row—BUT you can still make a great income with these creative suggestions. Keep in mind, you don’t have to settle with just one. You can choose to do several of these options, allowing yourself to make several incomes from it.

Some Ways to Make Money with Your Writing You Might Not Have Considered

Blogging. Blogging is great because you can combine another passion with it. You love makeup and hair? Become a beauty blogger and write about beauty. Love technology and always have to have the latest and greatest tech? Great, then start a tech blog and review the products on it, talk about latest gossip for new products—you get the drift.

The great thing about this is that not only can you make money just with your blog, but companies will begin sending you products in hopes you’ll review their product on your blog and will (hopefully) give it a good review and good word-of-mouth… perhaps filming a couple of video tutorials using their product, things that will get their product in front of YOUR audience.

How would you make money with blogging?

Affiliates and paid endorsements. If you have a significant amount of followers or a respectably-sized mailing list, all kinds of paid endorsements open up to you. This is when you blog nice things about a company or a product and they pay you for it, because you’re effectively advertising their product to all of your followers.

Or you could make money as an affiliate—you blog about a product in hopes that your audience buys the product, because you’ll make a commission off of every purchase you send to the company. Your audience buys a product, you get money.

Ads. You can put ads on your blog/website and get paid either by the amount of traffic that comes to your website or by the number of times the ads are clicked on by your audience.

Blogging for another company. You can always get a job blogging for another company or ghostwriting—either in-house (on their payroll as an employee) or freelance (on your own terms, not as an employee).

Other Ways to Make Money with Your Writing

Write a novel, short story, book of poetry, collection of short stories, children’s books, or textbooks. If you can’t get formally published, you can always self-publish—such as on Amazon—and market it yourself. This has been incredibly lucrative for many people.

You can write articles for websites and magazines and independently sell it to them, if you don’t want to actually work for them. You can even write articles and sell them to companies that re-sell them or you can ghost-write.

Writing poetry and framing it and selling it on Etsy. Or there are many companies now that will take your poetry/artwork/photography and will put it on objects such as pillows, shirts, keychains, dresses, hats, etc. and every time your art sells on one of these items, you’ll get a cut.

Copywriting. Write copy for advertisements, websites, blog posts, sales pages, social media, and more.

Writing a movie or TV show script, or even a script for a YouTube series. If you’re not big on being behind a camera, you can always team up with someone who is and wants to work with your script. Plus, YouTube can be incredibly profitable if you get a high amount of viewers. You could also write scripts for webinars, teleseminars, workshops, and more.

Comic books. Comic books are another way to profit off of your writing—bonus if you like to draw, too. Otherwise, you can team up with someone who does like to draw.

Obituaries. I mean, this option is dark, but hey, it’s still writing.

Articles for newspapers and magazines. Journalism. News. You can begin spending your days knees-deep in research and field work as you report on the latest and greatest news, gossip, weather, advice, you name it.

Greeting Cards. Who doesn’t love a well-written greeting card? The movie Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler comes to mind, gotta love his greeting cards. If you haven’t seen it, gogogo!

Political speeches. You can write political speeches for those in politics. I had so many hilarious things to say right here (I mean, obviously, everything I say is hilarious), but I think I’ll just stay safe and shut my mouth on this one, ha!

Creating online courses. You’ll get a very healthy dose of writing when you write content for online courses that you would sell online. Ever considered teaching?

Wedding vows. Because nothing says, “I love you” like a scripted speech written by someone else.

Have Another Passion You Need Some Ideas For?

Do you have a skill, hobby or passion and are completely lost as to how you can ever survive in this world off of your income from this hobby? Have you settled for a job you absolutely hate simply because you can’t make a living off of your real passion?

Then email us or comment below. Let us know. Maybe we’ll write about it in our Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Passions series. 🙂