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Welcome to the Dawn of a NEW AGE...

...the beginning of an era.

The start of a new world—a brave new world. A monumental shift in the cosmos, a breath of renewed beauty in a cold, cruel, chaotic world...

...juuust kidding, we're not that dramatic.

But we ARE here to change the face of business.

We want to add beauty and fun to an otherwise dull atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable being authentic, we don't want you to have to hide behind the professional, suit-and-tie, tedious façade that plagues you day in and day out. We want you to be able to have fun in business and we want to make your entrepreneurial journey as stress-free, fulfilling, and lucrative as possible.

Business doesn't have to be the stiff, straight-laced and boring experience you've come to know and tolerate. Get down with your funky self and come hang out with us!

We can show you how to build a profitable online business from the ground up and we can create a completely custom website for you that allows YOUR personality to shine while remaining elegant, professional, and creative, as well as remaining true to your brand. many times can you say you built a business—and it was fun!?

Websites to Brag About

Badass websites custom-tailored to your preferences and branding

These days, a website is a necessity—don't miss out on a butt load of sales just because people don't know you exist... that's just silly!

You're not legit until you own your own website and creating one yourself can be time-consuming, frustrating and flat-out discouraging if you don't know what you're doing—even with those fancy drag-and-drop programs. Avoid those unnecessary shenanigans and...

Online Marketing for Any Type of Business

Small or large, simple or complex, we've got you covered.

Does the thought of marketing make you gag? Do the words "social media" cause chills to run down your spine? It's okay, you can finally rest easy, no Xanax required!

We'll teach you all the new skills you need to know so you can kick that overwhelm to the curb and feel like a shiny new marketer.

Let Us Help You Build an Online Business

We'll hold your hand while you follow your heart

Do you have a killer idea for a new company and have always dreamed of being your own boss? Do you want to stop building the dreams of others and start pursuing your own?

It's entirely possible... and it's less complicated than you may believe. We know the tools you should use, we know the paths you can take, and we know how to set it all up. Take our hand and start building a future you can be proud of today.

We Have The BEST Clients

Stop, You're Making Me Blush...

"[Alkire Marketing] was a dream to work with! They made quick work out of a complex problem (one that had deluded other tech experts). And then, going above and beyond the scope of the project, they identified other errors and tweaked them accordingly, too. It's a relief to find a company that is fast, efficient, reliable and fun to work with."

- BRENDA STOCKDALE, Director of Behavioral Medicine at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

No, just kidding, go on ;)

"[Alkire Marketing] is filled with smart, detail-oriented, caring and immensely resourceful workers. If they don't know a system or platform, they soon will. They'll only come to you with a problem if they've already researched solutions and have one to recommend. I LOVE working with this company!"

- LINDA CLAIRE PUIG, International Newsletter & Email Marketing Expert | Speaker | Trainer

Co-Founder/CEO, Alkire Marketing

Discovering her passion for web development early in life, Elizabeth began creating websites at the tender age of 10 years old, back when Geocities and Angelfire were the big thing, background instrumental music played automatically on far too many websites and a plethora of tacky animated GIFs were scattered everywhere.

Now, nearly 20 years later, her passion for web development has only grown as the industry continues to mature.

With a ton of love for digital marketing and a deep desire to help and guide other entrepreneurs, she established Alkire Marketing as a way to reach and teach people from all over the world and all walks of life the beauty of owning your own online-based business.

And yes, of course, with the help of her trusty sidekick Lorie the Badass Designer, she continues to develop and create unique and beautifully custom-designed websites for all different types of businesses and scenarios... except now, she also teaches these skills to others in hopes they, too, pursue their own passion within the incredible world of web development.

You know you're just dying to hear more. Go ahead and...

The Branding Questionnaire You Never Knew You Needed...

Starting an online business and the thought of creating a brand has you overwhelmed? Want to make that nice dinero from your passion project but aren't sure how to make yourself stand out? Do you want your leads frothing at the mouth, begging to work with you because they can't get your incredible brand out of their mind?

This guide will SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF EVERYONE YOU LOVE. Or—full disclosure—it might just teach you about branding. But that's super important, too!

Grab this incredible guide and find out:

  • ✶ WHAT the hell a brand is ✶
  • ✶ WHY you should care about building a brand from the very start ✶
  • ✶ HOW to start building that delicious, ooey gooey, sticky brand ✶
  • ✶ A questionnaire to answer that will help you gain clarity to move you from "stuck" to "started" ✶
  • ✶ PLUS: a phenomenal basic branding guide that will steer you away from making silly, avoidable mistakes ✶

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